Rehma did an amazing job doing the mehndi for my family and friends for our mehndi event. We all loved her work and the henna color was very dark.!!! I definitely recommend her.
— Iram A.

Amazing henna artist!! Super friendly and talented!! I would highly recommend Henna Ink to anyone ☺
— Sabrina S.

Henna Ink. has done my henna for a few years now, whether it be spontaneous, rid, or even my wedding. Masha Allah, great service and kind people. They know what they are talking about when it comes to henna. I would refer them to anyone who asks :)
— Sana N.

Amazing artist and an old friend :) can do any design and in no time. Very professional and affordable.
— Anam K.

Rehma was excellent! She was very professional and friendly. We’ll defi be using her in the future!
— Heena A.

I used Henna Ink for my wedding in May and I was beyond pleased with the results! Rehma did bridal henna on my hands, arms, and feet. She was fast and completely understand my vision. I had 9 other family members who she accommodated as well and was so easy to work with. Definitely recommend!!
— Zahra A.

I have had the pleasure of getting my Henna done many times and I am always so pleased with the results! She is just unbelievably talented and is very passionate about it. I love that about her!!
— Nimah G.

Asked Rehma to do mine and my family’s mehndi for my engagement. Loved the job she did so much, I asked her to do it again for my wedding! She makes her own mehndi and the color comes out to be this beautiful dark color with that perfect reddish tint. Also, it lasts a long time. I was able to enjoy my mehndi throughout my honeymoon and a little while after. Besides the fact her designs are intricate and she is a bargain as far as bridal mehndi + large groups go, she is also an extremely sweet and pleasant person (for the person sitting there for over an hour and getting your bridal mehndi done, this is gold. good conversation makes this part fun). My family is big, so she stayed long past the time we had discussed to make sure whoever wanted their mehndi done got it. She was very professional throughout.
— Mariam A.

Rehma is amazing! I’ve gotten my henna done numerous times for special events, but the design she did was the most intricate and definitely the best one I’ve ever gotten. I definitely recommend her. Her henna is home-made and the stain comes out so dark and lasts almost a full 2 weeks. Plus, she’s super sweet and a pleasure to work with :)
— Farheen A.

She completed mine and my bridal party’s mehendi quickly and professionally— and the color came out almost black! Amazing job by an amazing henna artist :)
— Hareem M.